More JOY, less stress, in 3 minutes or less 

JOY! is famous for teaching how to live
more joyfully and less stressfully in 3 minutes or less.

I am known as the Wish Granter because people bring me their wishes for health and happiness, and I help them grant those wishes more quickly, easily and powerfully,
while having a ripping good time.

The Long awaited Online Face Reading course is here!! Priced at less than a good dinner out Just $49.
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There is a prize for the best de-stress stories.
Send a video saying what you noticed before & after to win!

emPOWERment Tools
There is a suggested $11.11 donation on each emPOWERment Tool, but you are invited to offer whatever they feel the Tool is worth - or what you can afford. Just please, give each Tool a fair go to experience how well it works for you. Then pay it forward. Share them.

Thank you for donating to help me make more Tools more readily available - I've got SO many I want to share!

No Worries, Mate! ebook money-back-guarantees to eliminate all worry at its source 

Time Warp JOYminar video for the time challenged and for healers, this is a powerful healing tool!

Kid's Empowerment meditations 7 magical bedtime stories for kids of all ages especially 4 - 14

How to touch a woman - video & detailed slideshow .

See if this 1.11 minute video helps you to

Click here to access Miraculous Healing

and let me what happens. T
his is a new phenomena we are researching

Chances are you asked for more joy and less stress recently or your wouldn't have been Guided to this page.
So why not make 
an agreement with yourself to give these tools a fair go.
onduct a 30 Day experiment using the tools every day, as demonstrated, to verify for yourself what effect they have on you and your situation.
Pay it Forward - share the skills with your friends and family!
Let us know what happens. There are weekly prizes for the best stories.

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